Tips for Taking a US Citizenship Interview

Probably the scariest part of the naturalization process is the US citizenship interview. It makes people worry when they are going to be asked questions about their background and tested on their skills and knowledge. Of course, it is difficult to sit across from someone who is going to judge you. However, if this is approached like any other job interview, it should make the experience a little easier to manage. Here are some tips for performing well on this part of the application process.

Before the Interview

One of the best bits of advice for the US citizenship interview is to arrive early. No one wants to be running late and leaving someone waiting around for them. It is also a good idea to dress business professional or as well as one would dress for a business interview. This is not required, but it is a good rule of thumb. Have all papers and documents ready and secured in a folder for easy access. It will pay to be prepared once the interviewer starts asking questions.

During the Interview

Relaxing is probably the best thing to do during the US citizenship interview. The interviewer will ask about things in the applicant's background, criminal history, and their willingness to take the Oath of Allegiance. It is important to always tell the truth. In fact, applicants will take an oath that they will tell the truth during the interview. Those who are later found to be lying will have their citizenship revoked, so it is always best to tell the interviewer the truth.

English Test

The US citizenship interview includes an English test that assesses speaking, writing, and reading basic English. The best thing to do to pass this part of the interview is to review the study materials that are located on the website. They are invaluable tools that will help guide an applicant through the testing process. The government makes the questions available, and then asks a set number from those questions. Studying of the questions should help an applicant pass the test.

Civics Test

Again, the best thing to do for this part of the US citizenship interview is to study the website test questions. They give 100 questions ranging from American History to geography to holidays. The examiner will ask ten questions and the applicant must answer six correctly. Careful study of the test questions is vital to passing this part of the application process. Some of the answers are so easy, anyone would know them. However, some require studying, so it is best to check out the website.

Honesty, relaxation, and studying should successfully get an applicant through the US citizenship interview process. It may be a difficult process but just remembering to answer the questions to the best of your ability should help you through it. Follow the above tips for a less stressful experience.